Visit Turin

Time is at a premium nowadays. Our days are punctuated by one commitment after another and the daily hustle and bustle is our metronome. It seems like responsibilities are raining down relentlessly from above and we have to quickly fit them all in at the right pace and in sequence, like a never-ending game of Tetris.

At least when we go on holiday we should be able to relax, we have the right to take our time on our visits and we shouldn't feel guilty for dawdling or staying that little bit longer. Sometimes, however, we just don't have enough time to visit somewhere, even though we'd really like to see everything our destination has to offer in the few days we have available.

Those seeing Turin for the first time or returning tourists have access to an endless variety of ways to be guided around the various points of interest, or to even be literally transported from one attraction to the next.



Is the classic, red, open-top double-decker bus that we see in the major European capitals. The tour is simple and fascinating. There are only two lines, for the two opposing yet complementary souls of Turin: Turin capital of Italy and Turin projected into the future. The bus sets off from Piazza Castello and the first line takes visitors on a journey into the past (from the pharaohs at the Egyptian Museum to the Romans at the archaeological remains of Porte Palatine), while the second heads into the future of an ever-changing city.
The first tour crosses the Po and heads up into the hills, showing visitors the unique views out over the city with the Alps crowning the panorama.



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